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Anyang CNC hydraulic forging hammer
  • Our company exclusively drafted China National manufacturing standard of CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer.
  • Our technical center is the China National Research center of CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer.
  • Our Forging Hammers have been exported to Germany, USA, Russia, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, India, Vietnam etc over 60 countries.

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How does CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer control the working precision?


1.Forging hammer geometric precision

C92K Series CNC Fully Hydraulic Forging Hammer is adopted “U”type whole piece casting, removable radial wide rail structure, which ensures the guide rail space can be controlled between 0.1 ~ 0.4mm, to ensure that forging hammer has high precision; the guide rail automatic lubrication system and surface hardening can improve the retention of forging hammer precision; radial guide rail structure to avoid the changes in rail clearance which leas by thermal expansion of the hammer.

Forging hammer geometric precision


2.Hitting energy control
C92K Series CNC Fully Hydraulic Forging Hammer adopt highly integrated fully hydraulic power drive system, the German Siemens control system, Germany HYDEC multi-point control of the pressure sensor and spool valve control system to ensure that the energy output accuracy control of hydraulic power system within 1 ~ 5%. Efficient control of hit energy, to avoid the hit of excess energy, help to improve the life of the die.

3.Hit speed and frequency
C92K Series CNC Fully Hydraulic Forging Hammer has a higher hit speed and frequency of hit, real realization strike while the iron is hot, reduce the time forgings contact with the mold in the forming process, forging temperature will be maintained so as to facilitate forging forming, but also help to improve die life.

4.Forming and finishing
CNC Hydraulic Forging Hammer can control each hit energy distribution and strike beat when multi-die forging; multi-die forging can be separate the forgings forming and precision assurance, usually pre-forging used large energy strike to complete 90% of the deformation, due to the deformation of the workpiece is small in the final-forging, using a smaller energy strike can be completed forging finishing, to ensure the accuracy of forgings. According to the survey of the same workpiece, the same mold material, the same mold processing technology, the life of die which forged by CNC hydraulic forging hammer multi-die than the use of press single-die forging to extend 2 to 3 times.

5.Programmed control
If the forging hammer is operated by man, no matter how skilled workers, it is difficult to maintain 100% consistency, special shift operations, as for same forging, it is more difficult to get the same hit energy and the number of blows. Anyang CNC hydraulic hammer adopt electronic program control, no matter who pedal, forging operation is the same. The process of a particular part has been programmed into the digital storage, when forging the same part later, simply call up the part code, forging hammer can be produced. The electronic program can control the striking energy distribution and striking beats of each strike during multi-die forging, avoiding the impact on the product quality caused by the difference of the technical level of the operator.

6.Forgings precision
There are many factors affecting forgings precision, including the heating temperature stability, mold accuracy and life expectancy, hit energy and strike step control, forging hammer working precision and so on. According to user experience, reasonable control of the relevant factors, CNC hydraulic die forging hammer can be complete the weight tolerance of ± 1% forging forming.

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