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Anyang CNC hydraulic forging hammer
  • Our company exclusively drafted China National manufacturing standard of CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer.
  • Our technical center is the China National Research center of CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer.
  • Our Forging Hammers have been exported to Germany, USA, Russia, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, India, Vietnam etc over 60 countries.

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Forging Facts



 What is Forging?

Forging is a manufacturing process, which shapes a solid-phase metal workpiece by applying compressive forces on it. According to the temperature at which it is performed, forging is classified in “hot”, “warm” and “cold”.  It is important to note that the forging process is entirely different from the casting (or foundry) process, as the metal used to make forged parts is never melted and poured.





Connecting rod

  Connecting rod




Where are they used?

Due to the forging process can create stronger parts than any other metalworking process, Forgings are almost always used where reliability and human safety are critical.But you'll rarely see forgings, as they are normally component parts contained inside assembled items such a airplanes, automobiles, motorcycle,  tractors, engines and all kinds of precision capital equipment.


What metals are forged?

Just about any metal can be forged.

some of the most common metals include carbon, alloy and stainless steels

very hard tool steels: aluminum, titanium, brass copper

high-temperature alloys which contain cobalt, nickel or molybdenum.

Each metal has a distinct strength or weight characteristics that best apply to specific parts as determined by the customer.


What kind of equipment is used to make forgings?


Forging equipment


Although the styles and drive systems vary widely, a forging can be produced on any of the following pieces of equipment.


Closed Die Forging Machine: CNC Forging Hammer, Fully Hydraulic Forging Hammer, Hydraulic-Gas Forging Hammer and Electric Screw Press

Open Die Forging Machine: Fully Hydraulic Forging Hammer, Hydraulic-Gas Forging Hammer, Hydraulic Forging Press and Pneumatic Forging Hammer

Steel Balls Machine: Pneumatic Forging Hammer for Steel Ball and Steel Ball Skew Rolling Machine

Forging Assistant Machine: Hydraulic Forging Manipulator, Charging Manipulator, Ring Rolling Machine and Metal Chips Briquetter 


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